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Frequently Asked Questions

Booking A Cab

What Service Does Airport Cars Provide?

We provide airport transfer services to and from the London Airports. We also pick up from seaports, can do long or short distances and international transfers.

What Type Of Vehicles Do You Have?

Currently offer seven types of vehicle - saloon car, estate car, MPV, MPV plus , executive car, 8 seater and 12 seater.

How will I know which vehicle is suitable for my journey?

Please see the vehicle gallery on our homepage, click over it to see the vehicle type and their estimated capacity.

Can I Book A Certain Vehicle?

Yes you can. If for instance you have difficulty getting into a high vehicle, or would like to book an MPV for more room, please email us at [email protected] or call our 24 hour call centre on 020 7043 4319.

Are Your Prices Fixed?

Yes, our prices are fixed whether booked online or via telephone. All prices are available through the quick quote system. Please note that there could be additional charges if there are additional drop offs, pick ups or diversions. We also have a different pricing structure for the Christmas and New Year period. This can be obtained by entering the date in our quick quote system.

What Are Your Opening Hours?

We are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Will I Be Sharing My Car With Anyone Else?

No, this is a private transfer booked for yourself only.

I Am Travelling With A Child, Can You Provide Babyseats Or Child Seats?

Yes, we offer up to two baby seats and child seats per vehicle. Please state the child's age/children's ages and we will provide an appropriately sized baby seat.

Can I Make A Booking For More Than 8 Passengers?

You can book for as many passengers as you like. Please email us the details of the booking for a special quote and details on how many vehicles we suggest that you need. [email protected]

On My Journey

How Do I Meet My Driver At The Airport?

All Passengers receive a "meet and greet" service and can expect to see their driver with a name board waiting in the Arrivals Hall. The driver will give you a courtesy call to let you know he is there and maybe try to arrange a meeting at the information desk if the Arrivals Hall is particularly busy. If you cannot locate your driver, please call our phone number 020 7043 4319 and we will get in touch with the driver for you.

How Long Will The Driver Wait For Me?

Once the alloted waiting time of 40 minutes from point of entry has expired your driver will make extensive enquiries at the airport (with customs; your airline; airport information's paging system) before referring back to our office where further enquiries will be made. Only then will the driver be authorised to leave the terminal.

Do You Charge Waiting Time?

As part of the "meet and greet" you will receive 40 minutes free waiting time upon entry.

My Driver Is Late, What Do I Do?

Please call our 24 hour call centre on 020 7043 4319 and we will be able to locate the driver on our computerised map and tell you how long it will take him to reach the pick up address.

What If The Flight Is Delayed Or Arrives Early?

We constantly monitor all flights for updated landing times. If your flight is due to arrive earlier than expected we will dispatch the driver to meet you at the earlier time. If the flight is delayed, we will dispatch the driver later and you will not be charged for this. Please note that we rely on the official airport information systems. Sometimes the scheduled/landing times may not be display in realtime, causing the driver to enter the terminal behind your actual landing time.

What Happens If My Flight Is Cancelled?

Please call our call centre as soon as possible on 020 7043 4319. As we monitor flight we will be aware that your flight is cancelled and will not dispatch a driver. We will hold your booking until you re book with the new arrival information.

What Happens If I Miss My Flight?

Please call our call centre as soon as possible on 020 7043 4319. If you fail to inform us and the driver is dispatched our terms and conditions will apply upon which you will incur a full "No Show" charge. If however you inform us prior to the despatch of the driver we will place your transfer order on hold, during where you will be able to re-book at no extra charge.

Can I Cancel My Booking?

Yes, you can cancel your booking in advance at a cost of £10. Ther remaining fare will be refunded back to the payment card. If you cancel when the driver has been dispatched you will not be liable for a refund.